Jessica Amari Styling

Everyone has their own, unique style. While it may be difficult for you to articulate what that may be, Jessica Amari is here to help. No matter the occasion, your style personality is what sets you apart when you walk into a room. In order to successfully express your individual style, we must first uncover what makes you! Stop looking at your closet everyday, wondering what to put together or what looks right on you. Get excited about getting dressed in the morning! During your personal style consultation, we’ll discuss your lifestyle and how it relates to your wardrobe. From there we'll sift through potential gaps in your closet to help make the transition to a fulfilled wardrobe a smooth and pleasant journey.

Style Sessions include:

  • Closet Edit
  • Personal Styling

*Style sessions last at least two hours, billed at $85, and may go longer, depending on your needs for an additional $15 per hour. A non refundable deposit of $35 must be paid after your consultation to secure your session. Please be courteous when re-scheduling or canceling, giving at least a 24 hour notice*

Additional Styling Services Include:

  • Closet Organization
  • Photo Shoot Styling
  • Wedding Gown Styling

*styling services last up 2.5 hours, billed at $95, and may go longer depending on your needs for and additional $15 per hour. A non refundable deposit of $40 must be paid after your consultation to secure your session. Please be courteous when re-scheduling or canceling, giving at least a 24 hour notice*

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In character, in manners, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Style Consultation:

I really like to have a little chat before we get started. It's good to hear what your challenges are and what you would like to do differently. We will discuss how you would like to see your personal style evolve. I will make recommendations based on your lifestyle and plan out the next steps to accomplishing your goals . Keep in mind this is 100% about you, your life and your needs. I do not and will not push my style or opinion on you. It is truly a collaboration. If you don't LOVE it  - you won't wear it!


** Most Popular Service ** Closet edit:

A huge part of a closet edit is mixing up the pieces you already have! Believe it or not I am not a big shopper. I love staple pieces that work for a long time. Together, we'll remix existing pieces in fresh ways. From there, we'll work with your budget (and personality) to revive your closet and identify missing staple items you can buy at multiple price points . It is really fun to see my clients get new inspiration from this time. Some items you will want to let go of due to ill fit tor it is a "tired" item.  Almost all of my clients are happy to finally have someone say it's "OK" to let something go. I completely understand the attachments we can all have to clothing but I would never want those attachments to hold you back from looking and feeling your best.

Rebuilding, reinventing or reenergizing your wardrobe is a lot of fun for me! You will be really surprised how many great pieces you have already and it just takes a little bit of time to go through the closet but you will have so many new options at the end. It is a very rewarding process. 

Any pieces you would like to donate I take donations for women rescued from sex trafficking here in Atlanta. Your clothes go straight to other women in need - on their road to renewal.