Hello 30!


It happened. I turned 30! And I loved every second of it. If you would have asked me five years ago if I thought my heart would be so full from kissing my twenties goodbye and embracing my thirties, I would have told you NO! But thank God for growth, through grace. I'm so excited about my 30s and all the promise they are already being filled with. With that excitement comes so much creative energy that I can wait to see unfold as I continue to declare that 2018 and beyond will be my best and most fearless years yet! I look forward to seeing what God has in store for me and for whatever reason, I just know He has great things in store! So I introduce to you, Jessica Amari Davison, a fearless style enthusiast that is living her BEST life every day God breathes breath into her lungs and opens the brown eyes He's blessed her to witness it through!

(Thanks Ashley for the following interview.....You're the best!)

A: Without overthinking your response, because I know you will (lol) introduce yourself to any new readers who may be checking your blog out this year...

J: Ha! OK. Um. I'm Jessica, a 30 year old creative who loves God, my wonderful family, food, and style. I'm ever evolving and enjoy the lessons that come with growing daily through grace. 

A: What kind of fashion guru are you?

J: I wouldn’t say that I’m a fashion guru. I personally think it’s best to keep things simple and invest in good-quality clothes. Throw-away fashion isn’t for me. I don’t take trends too seriously and instead prefer to wear classic and timeless pieces. I try to portray that on my blog and always encourage people to dress in a way that suits them and that stays true to their individual style personality.


A: When and why did you start your blog?

J: 4+ yrs ago I started diaryofastylejunkiee.com because I craved a creative outlet. At 26 I had no idea what the heck I was doing and I was certainly having a hard time adjusting to adulting. Here we are, 30 years young and I’m now pursuing SO much more than clothes and shoes thanks to an amazing God who has literally transformed my life into something so amazing. As all over the place things were when I first began, I can't help but smile every time I think of the amazing humans who saw the potential in me then that has now developed into purpose.  What started as a ridiculous obsession with fashion has evolved into a daily growth through grace. The older I get the more I want to produce REAL and authentic content for my readers and connect on a deeper and more transparent level. Jessicaamari.com just seemed like the natural evolution since now I know who I am as a woman and daughter of the Most High and am 100% certain THAT THIS TIME I have found my blogging niche 

A: What is your top style tip?

J: Be true to you. Wear what YOU feel confident in and what fits you well. Trends come and go but style is forever. It’s great to push the envelope, but you should always fell comfortable and confident in what you wear. My first tries with blogging failed because I tried to blog with the current trends. I knew that I wasn't a trend person but I wanted to push out content that kept my readers engaged. I soon learned that a signature look that can work both dressed up or dressed down was worth sticking to.  Knowing what makes you look good gives you more confidence, and also streamlines things when getting dressed every day. 

A: What is the biggest style lesson you’ve ever learned?

J: Less is more. Always! 

A: What pieces do you invest in and why? 

J: Denim, classic accessories, and shoes. Denim because even though I love to slip into a sassy dress for special occasions, I'm not really a dress kind of girl. Shoes because I literally get use out of them since they are something I thoroughly enjoy styling an outfit around. Classic accessories because a diamond stud earring, dainty necklace, and classy watch never go out of style! When styled correctly they all really make a big impact on even the simplest look.

A: How do you glam up your everyday look?

J: I'm pretty low key and would not really describe my style as glam, even when I try! Glam for me would be taking my usual plain Jane looks and actually putting on more than my daily light foundation and mascara and pairing it with a bold lippie!

 Dress: Buffalo Exchange, Sunnies and Fanny: Target, Lippie: "Griselda" by Fenty

Dress: Buffalo Exchange, Sunnies and Fanny: Target, Lippie: "Griselda" by Fenty

A: Imagine you open your closet and it’s empty. What’s the first thing you would buy?

J: A great pair of denim and a pair of ankle boots to match...lol

A: What is your go-to online resource for style inspiration?

J: To me, the best way to get style inspiration is just go shopping. I love pairing pieces together just based on what I find walking through my favorite stores. I don’t like looking to others for inspiration because I usually overthink the way they styled their look and then it doesn’t feel authentic to me when I try to put my personal spin on it. Of course, if I come across something I love on Pinterest, I save it, but I avoid replicating head to toe looks from others as much as I can. I'll change my mind a million more times than usual when I try creating ensembles based off of something I've seen someone else slay instead of just creating a look based on how I feel at that given moment. 

A: Let's say we meet a woman styled casually by you. Describe how she looks and what she’s wearing.

J: Wow, there are so many possibilities. I would definitely start with neutrals to keep her ensemble classic. Probably ripped skinny denim, a chic but statement pair of heels, and shirt topped with a jacket or flowy cardigan. For the beauty, I’d style soft curls or a messy top bun with natural makeup and a bold lip.

A: What are you the most excited about this year personally, with your blog, brand, and personal style

J: I'm just excited that I've found my lane and that I'm happy, like, genuinely happy with who God has and continues to transform me into. Evolving is such a beautiful thing and I will never take any of its seasons for granted this year. As far as everything else, when people look back at my 2018 posts I want them to be able to say they were comfy, classy and chic. I only want to give off and soak up chill, positive and relaxed vibes. I've turned 30. I humbly but very confidently know who I am. I'm not trying to overthink life, my outfits or anything else for that matter because I'm not trying to impress anyone. At the end of the day, I want people to know that there's such an amazing peace that comes from getting in synch with the will of God for your life. I want to be the best examples of grace over perfection and purpose over popularity that I can be!