Hello 2018! New Year, Simple Style Goals!


Happy New Year beautiful people! For whatever reason, kicking off a new year, which happens to fall at the beginning of a new week is crazy exciting for me. Maybe the fact that I'm 23 days away from turning 30 adds to that excitement but knowing that today gives all of us an opportunity to kick-start, reboot, unlearn, and take-up whatever we need in order to have our best year yet makes this Monday worth looking forward to. As cliche as "New Year, New Me" may sound, sometimes the idea of a new year does necessitate a blank slate.  

For me this year, in an effort to thoroughly enjoy my 30th year, I've chosen not to overwhelm myself with a list of "New Year, New Me" expectations. Instead, I've decided to make a small list of things I want to enjoy more or do better this year without making any drastic life changes (more on those later this week). For once, I am genuinely happy with where I am in my life! I can honestly say that I'm enjoying indulging in what that feels like. 


When it comes to my personal style, I  enjoyed discovering myself through it last year. There are things I'd never done, styles I'd never tried, and a level of confidence I gained through the process. I'm super excited to see how it continues to evolve this year as I transition into another phase of my womanhood by saying goodbye to my twenties and welcoming my thirties with open arms. With that being said, I only have three style goals for the year:

1) Develop a wardrobe color palate for 2018 and beyond

The one thing I know for certain when it comes to my wardrobe is that the more neutral it is, the better I function and have less "I don't' know what to wear moments". If you know me well, you know that black is my favorite go-to color that I'll love forever because it takes away the instinct to overthink my outfit. One thing I appreciate about my personal style journey last year was learning how I look and feel when I'm wearing certain colors and how to integrate them in strategic ways opposed to buying everything I see simply because it's cute. Making shopping decisions that way has helped my wardrobe evolve creating more outfit possibilities than I could ever imagine. I've fallen in love with colors that transition well as the season's change like black, white, khaki, beige, tan, camel, nude and blush tones. Last week, I had so much fun purging my closet to make room for the items I already have in that color and as well as new pieces I add as the year progresses.


2) Invest ONLY In Quality Pieces

Dear Jessica, NO MORE wasting money on pieces that will only do for now. 2018 will be the year of investing in more stylish quality pieces that are well made to last for a long time. No exceptions! Acquire pieces that you believe to be timelessly beautiful and versatile. Yes, I am encouraging you to purge your space of belongings that do not fall under those characteristics in coordination to your taste. It makes for a more polished and inspiring wardrobe! Love Always, Jessica

3) Stay Instinctive (Shopping, Styling)

  • Shopping

When it comes to shopping for what I want, I want to make sure I need it and really want it. If I cannot get my mind off a particular item, it's a sign that I need to procure it. Taking a chance can be worthwhile especially when I am sure I will never be able to see it anywhere else to buy again so this year I'm going to stop overthinking and follow my first instinct. 

  • Styling

Everybody has a personal style formula that works for them including, myself. Sometimes, in the hopes of trying something different or introducing something new, we alter that formula. This year, especially with style clients, I'm going to be more assuring to them that If it does not feel right or comfortable, do not do it. It'll show. Keep things light. You never want to come off as if you're trying too hard. Now that I myrself is more comfortable in that area, I can be a better example of it during my style sessions.


If you can't tell by now, my 2018 style goals are all about becoming a minimalist. I love the idea of throwing a long coat over a chunky sweater and pairing my look with simple jogger pants or  my favorite pair of denim on the bottom. Two style habits that I've always been consistent with are keeping my jewelry to a bare minimum and have my shoes and handbags be the statements of my outfit. With my 30th quickly approaching, my style goals will be all about effortless and easy. I find that as long as I’m not overthinking my outfit, it stays fresh and fun and I feel really good in it! I'd love to hear your style goals below. Here's to a bomb year filled with endless but simple style possibilities!