Double Duty: How to Transition Summer Pieces into Fall


 We're officially almost three weeks into fall 2017 and Georgia, per usual, still feels like the middle of summer. If I've learned anything the past 7 years I've lived here, I learned no matter how much I love everything about fall, Georgia's weather is never going to let me be great in my favorite fall pieces until late October/early November. Learning how not to pack away my summer pieces to make room for my favorite sweaters, booties and jackets is a struggle I'm still learning to cope with BUT this year's change of season has been a lot smoother for me. With just a few simple styling tricks, I've finally learned how to take my favorite warm-weather basics into fall to avoid that mid-day heat stroke that comes with waking up to 66-degree weather only to be slapped in the face with 89-degree weather by lunchtime. 

One of the saddest things about transitioning from summer to fall, (well the only sad thing for me -- summer isn't my favorite) is the loss of the lightweight dresses that we basically lived in during the warmest months of the year. Since moving back to Georgia, I've learned that there is a way to rock my favorite spring and summer dresses in the cooler months. The trick (no surprise here) is LAYERING; it’s a matter of combining the short, sleeveless, lightweight dresses from the summer with the heavier pieces we love so much during fall. With this ensemble, I was so excited to finally pull out my favorite longline cardigan. Even though it's a little heavier than the cardigans I typically transition with, it's still light enough to layer well with whatever summer staples I choose to layer it with without me having to worry about overheating. A cardigan might be a fall wardrobe essential, but the idea of wearing one when you’re overheated isn’t that savory. The middle ground? Drape it across your shoulders to say, “Yes, I know it’s fall,” despite the fact that you don’t need the arm coverage just yet. I'll show more examples of this later on the blog, so stay tuned.

Using your accessories to add warmth and a touch of chic fall style is great on days that are brisk but not freezing. If you have any summer dresses in lightweight fabrics that have sleeves (like this cute linen multi-color piece I snagged from Loft a couple years ago) you know that they are perfect for tall boot combos. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pull out these lightweight but super chic cut out thigh-high boots from but your standard knee-high riding boots will suffice is your thigh-high collections is more cold weather friendly. You can really experiment with what you have in your closet to layer over or under your summer dresses. If it’s a warmer day, get as much use out of your open-toed shoes as possible, but stick with boots or closed toe heels for colder temps.

What are your favorite pieces to transition your Summer Wardrobe into Fall?