Happy Birthday to Meeeeee!!

At 8:25 a.m. on a very cold winter morning January 23, 1988, my mother gave birthed to an 8lb 8oz healthy baby girl that she and my father named Jessica. Fast forward to today, and that baby girl is two weeks into officially being one year away from her thirties!!! About six months ago I didn't know if I should be more thankful that through a whole lot of grace I don't look like the things I put myself through in years past OR just be happy that even though I selfishly spent the years before now propping up my own will instead of living a life of surrender that reflected God's will, He's a good father who has loved me back to life and restored all it's broken pieces by making me a new creation in Him. Everyone has a chapter they don't want to read out loud, and honeyyyyy, I'll be the first to admit that I have a few from my twenties that I'm extremely grateful are forgiven and covered by the precious blood of Jesus and are now the testimony I'm able to use to show other's the love and grace God gives us through the power of His salvation! Although most of life for me after high school was a dramatic rollercoaster of facades and unwise decisions and although I joke often about being old, the truth is, I'm really excited about this next season of my life and feel like life for me has just begun. For once in my life, I have learned and am continuing to learn on a daily basis how to live in the protected peace of my heavenly Father. That involves a whole lot of humility, grace and constant engaging I God's presence. There are so many influences and outside noises, a lot of which I wasn't spiritually fortified enough to counterattack in my early twenties, but I've learned that the key to victory in Jesus is standing still, praying without ceasing, listening intently for His instruction and standing assured that through obedience and total surrender to Him all of His promises are still YES and AMEN over my life! 

I'm excited about twenty-nine. I'm excited about for once unashamedly letting all that I am and all that I do be a reflection of the knowledge of the truth that for Christ I live and for Christ I'll die. I'm excited about how He's grooming me and preparing me to be a woman of God that will one day, prayerfully soon, be an amazing wife and loving mother to my my future family. I'm excited about living, for once, knowing who and whose I am, and taking the time to nuture and embrace all the wonderful things that come with living happily in the skin that I am in. I know that as long as I keep my eyes, expectations and hope on Christ and Christ alone this year and each one that follows, He will keep me in perfect peace that is guarded and protected by His grace! I don't have any overly dramatic personal resolutions for my last year being a "twenty something". I simply want to live a life of daily surrender, gain a deeper boldness to be a woman unapologetically in love with Jesus, and to be a blessing to others through love, grace and compassion. God is truly taking me to newer levels. The old me is no longer hindering me from becoming who God has been calling me all this time to be. That within itself, is the greatest birthday gift I could have ever asked for. Fear no longer plays a part in fulfilling my destiny or accomplishing the things I didn't think I was capable of doing. I was born with a strength to move mountains and I trust God knowing that He's not quite done with me yet. He's allowed everything I've gone through, even though mostly self inflicted to create something so much bigger and better that I can ever imagine. All He wanted and requires from me in return is for me to fully trust in His process, seek Him wholeheartedly and trust that through it all, He's got me! Cheer's to a new year of life and the grace from a loving father in Heaven to get me through it!

It's my party, I'll PRAISE if I want to!! Blessings, peace and happiness to you.

Xo, Jessica