Please Don't Kale My Vibe

Admit it, we've all been there...back in the gym regularly, more conscious about what we're feeding our body and constantly fighting the good fight that consist of you being mature enough to make more healthy decisions verses treating yourself (because YOLO, duh!) Trendistas everywhere are finding it more and more fit-forward to frequent their favorite juice bars to cleanse, reset, detox and glow a little before and after their workouts. Juicing isn't going away anytime soon and I'm happy that more and juice bars are popping up all over Atlanta. 

One of my favorites to swing by is Kale Me Crazy. The overly dramatic part of me feels instantly healthier as soon as I step inside!  All locations are clean and shiny and the staff is super friendly each time I visit. Whether it's for a morning breakfast smoothie, weekend pick-me-up or a post work-out recovery, there is a menu option for every situation. The times I wasn't sure exactly what the benefits of were to something, their knowledgeable staff is their to answer any question you may have and offers samples for you to try if you're still undecided. So far,  my favorites are the Recovery, Recharge, Grounded and Mega Omega. If I just need veggies or feel especially run down I get the Burning Kale because Kale solves all of life's problems right?!?! If eating is the goal their kale salad is AMAZING!!! Their Greek salad and quinoa bowl are also very tasty and all are filling. 

If you're into juicing, they have super pure and fresh pressed juices as well as shots of wheat grass, protein and energy boosters. Since they've added sandwich wraps, there's a wider array for those who want a more traditional meal. The coffee lover in me love both coffee drinks as well.

If you can't tell already, I'm a HUGE fan. Since I've been on a tighter budget I have only gone as a treat lately because visits can become a little pricey, especially if it becomes a habit. I'm definitely not complaining though. Everything is well worth it!