Okay, But First Corso...I mean, Coffee!

One of my favorite things about living in Atlanta is that I live far enough away from the city to still feel like a tourist when I stumble across new things. Another one of my favorite things about living here is that there are so many hidden but cute and quaint coffee shops to explore when I've grown tired of my usual Starbucks, McCafe and Dunkin Donut fixes. Living off 400 has it's perks, one of which being how convenient (when traffic isn't a nightmare) it is to Buckhead and Alpharetta. I don't roam Buckhead often but when I do, I usually always stumble across something that I thoroughly enjoy. One of those places is a quaint coffee spot, located in the Shops at Buckhead, that I already feel at home. I Love Corso! I've been here twice now and both times were wonderful. The coffee is amazing and the atmosphere is like a European cafe, two pluses when it comes to sitting down to get work or blogging planning done. 

The decor is upscale diner meets modern Italian(ish) cafe, but it works. The music is obvious, though not blaring and it's easy to tune out. Also, the temperature was pleasant -- on the cool side, but nowhere near the arctic temps favorited by Starbucks. While you can get some work or studying done here, the space isn't really designed for that. It's better suited to hanging out/meeting up over coffee and croissants. Also, service was quick and pleasant. Hopefully, that's a mainstay.

As for the goods: all forms of their coffee, in my opinion, is pretty tasty! I have to force myself not to order a second or third round. The food menu is surprisingly varied. So far, I've only tried their breakfast, pancakes on my first visit, and a pastry on this one. They looked good on my last stop there and I'm happy to say that I wasn't dissapointed in my selection.

All in all, Corso is a solid spot. Atlanta is in desperate need of cool coffee spots, so this is a welcomed addition. Some people will complain about the wait, which I can understand, but this isn't Starbucks and shouldn't be compared to it. If you expect to have your coffee ready in 2 minutes, you'll leave disappointed. If you have 5 to 10 (at worst) minutes to spare and want to enjoy a freshly brewed coffee (or their fresh squeezed OJ which I have yet to try), Corso is perfect! If you park in the garage, be sure to ask for a parking validation. Don't park on the street unless it's Sunday, as meters aren't validated.