A Love Supreme: Coltrane's Awakening


As I brainstormed ways to completely utilize all the space that came with my new website template, I couldn't wait to write my first album review for you guys in this section. Whether it was falling asleep to my mother's humming, singing a fun song with her to help me remember something for school, hearing her sing through the house as she cooked and cleaned, listening to my father play his keyboard when he was home from work, watching him play the drums at church or me singing in chorus until I got to high school, music has always come with happy memories for me. Growing up in the 90's, I got my first doses of jazz music from nonother than Dr. Huxtable himself. One of my favorite things about The Cosby Show was its great exposure of amazing music, especially jazz, and the many episodes featuring some of music's greatest legends. I still binge watch it on Hulu any chance I get for that reason. I remember the first time I heard "In a Sentimental Mood" played on episode 21 of the first season, where Cliff and Claire share an apple and one of many romantic moments (that still makes the hopeless romantic in me smile til this day) at the end. I couldn't wait to be married one day and share my own special moments with a man I'm madly in love with as it plays in the background. I literally paused the episode and typed it into the search bar of my Pandora app where I stumbled across the musical genius and one of my new favorite jazz artists, John Coltrane.

It's still hard for me to put into words how Coltrane's music makes me feel. His music literally gives me all the feels and is my go-to when I cook, clean, write or just want to relax. It instantly takes me to my happy place no matter how long of a day I've had or the million and a half thoughts I have running through my head. A Love Supreme has always been one of my favorite albums of his and it wasn't until last year when I was asked why that I realized my answer "because it takes me there" (there=my happy place) needed no further explanation or super deep reasoning because there's no right or wrong answer when it comes one's appreciation for good, quality music.

I got my first vinyl player last fall and have been enjoying investing in my jazz collection. For my birthday this year, I finally bought myself a copy of  A Love Supreme and literally had chills the entire time I read John's "Dear Listener" letter inside the cover. I always knew that the album was birthed during his turn around in life after battling a heroin and alcohol addiction but it wasn't until I read "This album is a humble offering to Him. An attempt to say "THANK YOU GOD"..." that I realized I'd been listening to his testimony this whole time. He literally put his heart and soul into every song he played on this album because God had reached down and grabbed his soul from the pit of hell and gave him a clean slate mentally, physically and musically.